Dear sports-loving audience,

28 june 2017

I welcome you to the IBSA Goalball U19 World Championship.
It is always a great joy and honour when high standard world events are organized in Hungary as they prove that our country is real a sport nation.I am particularly proud of the U19 Goalball World Championship in Budaörs and I am proud of being a patron of this event as well that the sport makes our lives more complete. The example of aparalympicathlete has a great importance, which gives strength and faith to all of us;they show us how fantastic results can be achieved through willpower, faith, enthusiasm and hard work.

The goalball has a history of more than four decades in Hungary, and we are taking part in international competitions almost from the beginning - not just with our national teams but also as an organizer.Goalball is a popular leisure and school sport and that we hosted the European Championships in 2014. Thanks for the work of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee and the Hungarian Handball Federation, which allowed this world championship to come true.
I wish great success to the teams and the organizers! And for the fans have fun!

Szabó Tünde
Secretary of Statefor Sport