About goalball

28 june 2017

Goalball is one of the most developing parasport on the palette of Paralympic sports. According to some special experts’ goalball is the thrilling game of the future. A game played by visually impaired sport excellences in a 3 on 3 battle for the victory where defence is as important as the hardest or trickiest roll to the goal.

Having respect for differently classified athletes, every on court player must wear eyeshades and special blind googles. Shades and googles are checked by the official referees so the idea of Fair Play can be satisfied.

Helping the blind bells are placed in the ball to be able to hear when it rolls. One speciality of the game is that hall is silenced by the referee before the first shot creating perfect circumstances for the players to react and hear even the tiniest sound on the court. Applauding and cheering are allowed just after the whistle of the referee and for the signal fans must be silent again. The gameplay contains two 10-minute half-time. At equal stand at the end of a game extra time and penalty shootout will decide about the winner of the game.