28 june 2017

The IBSA Goalball World Youth Championship in Budaörs is organized between 30th June and July 8th 2017, where male and female teams from 11 countries are coming, who will compete between 3rd and 8th July for the medals.

Hungary, Sweden, Russia, USA, Spain, Israel, Brasil, Poland, Germany, Korea, Australia

BudaörsiVárosiUszodaSportcsarnokés Strand, 2040 Budaörs, Hársfautca 6.

Preliminary round
3rd July

13:00     Group A              HUN      SWE
14:05     Group A              RUS       USA
15:10     Group B               ESP        ISR
16:15     Group B               BRA       POL
17:20     Group A              GER       HUN
18:25     Group A              SWE       RUS
19:30     Group B               KOR       ESP

4th July
10:00     Group B               ISR         BRA
11:05     Group B               POL        KOR
12:10     Group A              USA       GER
13:15     Group A              RUS       HUN
14:20     Group B               BRA       ESP
15:25     Group B               POL        ISR
16:30     Group A              USA       SWE

5th July
10:00     Group A              GER       RUS
11:05     Group B               KOR       BRA
12:10     Group A              HUN      USA
13:15     Group B               ESP        POL
14:20     Group A              SWE       GER
15:25     Group B               ISR         KOR

6th July

12:00     QF1                       A1          B4
13:15     QF2                       B2           A3
14:30     QF3                       A2          B3
15:45     QF4                       B1           A4

Placement matches, semi-finals
7th July

9:00       9th-10th                 9th           10th
10:15     RG1                       L QFx     L QFx
11:30     RG 2                      L QFx     L QFx
12:45     PG1                       L RG1    L RG2
14:00     PG2                       W RG1  W RG2
15:15     SF1       
16:30     SF2        

Bronze medal game, final
8th July

11:00                                    Bronze
15:00                                    Gold

Budaörsi 1. Számú Általános Iskola, 2040 Budaörs, Hársfa utca 29.

Preliminary round
3rd July

13:00     Group X               ESP        AUS
14:05     Group X               RUS       GER
15:10     Group Y               HUN      KOR
16:15     Group Y               ISR         BRA
17:20     Group X               USA       ESP
18:25     Group X               AUS       RUS                                                                            

4th July
10:00     Group X               GER       USA
11:05     Group X               RUS       ESP
12:10     Group Y               ISR         HUN
13:15     Group Y               KOR       BRA
14:20     Group X               GER       AUS

5th July
10:00     Group X               USA       RUS
11:05     Group X               ESP        GER
12:10     Group Y               BRA       HUN
13:15     Group Y               KOR       ISR
14:20     Group X               AUS       USA

6th July

12:00     QF1        X1           Y4
13:15     QF2        Y2           X3
14:30     QF3        X2           Y3
15:45     QF4        Y1           X4                                             

Placement matches, semi-finals
7th July

10:15     RG1       L QFx     L QFx
11:30     RG2       L QFx     L QFx
12:45     PG3       L RG1    L RG2
14:00     PG4       W RG1  W RG2
15:15     SF1                      
16:30     SF2        

Bronze medal game, final
8th July

9:00                       Bronze
13:00                     Gold

– Quarter-Finals
RG – Ranking Games
PG – Placement Games
SF – Semi-Finals
L – Looser
W - Winner